Finally, an iPad screen recorder for the classroom

There have been a few iPad recorders around for a while, such as Screen Chomp and Show Me. Both have their place, but have been limited by what you are able to show on them. What was needed was an app with a slide show format, that could show a series of slides, annotate them, and record what you are doing.

Well, the app has finally arrived, in the shape of Explain Everything. This little app, priced at less than 2 quid, enables you to open images and PDFs, record voice, annotation, zoom, text, and then export the resulting movie to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox and Evernote. What is even better is that any multi page PDF files opened through Dropbox or Evernote are automatically converted to a slide show. I recommend a capacitive stylus to make annotations much much easier.

This could be the game changer, and finally make the iPad a truly multi use tool in the classroom. Coupled with the PDF Converter app (£4.99) which can save any word, excel, PowerPoint, pages or keynote document as a PDF (and either Dropbox or Evernote), you have a workflow solution which means you no longer need to go near a computer. The end is in sight for the laptop in education, and not before time…


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