What’s your story? 5 ways to make your start of term keynotes memorable

In June 2011 Steve Jobs gave his last keynote. He looked frail, gaunt, his voice breaking into a barely concealed cough as he introduced the world to iCloud. Yet he still managed to tell a compelling story, outlining the growing problem of syncing content across devices before showing how iCloud was the solution. It was [...]


Rethinking school leadership in the digital age

Being a Deputy Head is a tough job. They have neither the calm authority of the Principal (I know that calm is mostly acting) nor the ability to have a moan in the staff room. I remember my first day on the job, pulling a year 9 girl up for swearing at a teacher and [...]

Goal-Directed Learning: helping students find their own pathways to success

Most of us, if we are reading this, are in positions of trust. We have been through interviews, often rigorous, to select us as being the most suitable for our role, and as a result have a degree of authority delegated to us to enable us to fulfil our duties. We have KPIs, whether they [...]

3 things ed tech will (eventually) change in our schools, and 3 things it shouldn’t

Imagine that the time between the first UK government schools being set up (1833) and the present day is represented by a 24-hour clock. At what time do you think the internet and ed tech appeared? My back-of-fag-packet calculation puts the internet at 11.47pm and the iPad at 11.56pm. Is there any wonder why we’re [...]

Tackling the biggest problems in our schools: where to begin?

Education is in a tricky place across the world right now. Budgets are being squeezed, teachers are leaving in droves, and all the while the pressure increases to be more like Finland or Singapore, to get further up the PISA rankings, and to produce a flexible, creative workforce that can compete with the best in [...]

One key question all leaders should ask themselves

In his seminal book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki explains the importance of growing your asset base whilst shrinking your liabilities. The middle-class convention, he says, is to burden ourselves with liabilities which deplete our income and leave us little left at the end of each month. A house with a mortgage is not [...]